India cancels Visa for Uyghur leader after China’s Protest

uyghur leader dolkun isa
India had approved via for Uyghur Leader Dolkun Isa on April 16, which it revoked on April 23

After the strong protest from China, India cancelled the visa to its dissident Uyghur leader Dolkun Isa. The reason that they have cited is Interpol’s red corner notice against him. He was supposed to participate in a conference in Dharamshala, and the visa was cancelled on Monday. The cancellation of the visa was a result of the China’s objection to the visa approval, asking India to bring the ‘terrorist’ to justice.

The visa was cancelled by India after angry protests from China. Dolkun Isa, based in Germany, was described as a terrorist by China, and his visa to India was later withdrawn after it was shown that the Interpol has issued a notice against him. He is a leader of the World Uyghur Congress, and was invited to a conference, being organized by the US based ‘Initiatives for China’. He, along with many other dissidents who are in exile, were expected to attend this conference. They were supposed to discuss democratic transformation in China.

Reacting to what India has done, Dolkun Isa said, “On April 23, I got a very short note by the Indian side that my visa is cancelled. There was no explanation.” The visa was issued to him on April 16. He was asked the reason behind visa denial, to which he replied that he did not know the exact reason behind this. Though, he said that the Chinese might have put pressure on the Indian government.

Earlier, when the visa was approved, he had written to the Indian Mission in Munich, seeking assurance that he would not be arrested in India.

China blames him for the unrest that killed hundreds of people in its Western province of Xinjiang on Islamist militants who are looking to establish an independent state.

China’s unhappiness over the visa was reflected in Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua saying, “What I want to point out is that Dolkun is a terrorist in the red notice of the Interpol and Chinese police. Bringing him to justice is due obligation of relevant countries.”

The conference which he was supposed to attend will be held between April 28 to May 1.

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