Increasing Human Trafficking Along Vietnamese-Chinese Boarder

human trafficking

The world is not fair. Even after being the most populated country on the planet, Chinese men are indulging in inhumane practices of child trafficking. To put it simply, the Chinese-Vietnamese border has become a hunting ground for human traffickers as girls as young as 13 years are being abducted and smuggled to China and being sold as brides. China’s one-child policy and long-time preference for boy child has distorted the gender ratio, leaving Chinese men hungry for brides. China isn’t the only one but it certainly is the latest addition to the list of countries where human trafficking is a nation-wide problem.

It may sound disgusting but there’s a unprecedentedly growing demand of brides in China and young Vietnamese females have become a valuable commodity. After being tricked or drugged, they’re brought to China and sold for the highest bidders.

Since the Chinese tradition asks for a man to be financially capable, the men are looking for easier means. A Chinese man wishing to marry local woman is supposed to purchase a new home after the marriage and to pay substantial money for the wedding function itself. On the other hand, Vietnamese women are being sold for a price as much as $3000, still far below the price Chinese tradition asks for. And Vietnamese culture is also similar to Chinese in many ways, therefore, the men opt out for this practice instead.

Several steps have been taken by both countries to put an end to this sickening practice of human trafficking but so far, effects haven’t came in full steam. One of the notable step is Pacific Links Foundation which was founded to combat trafficking in Vietnam. The foundation runs a shelter in Lao Cai city, providing facilities such as schooling, vocational training, art therapy and other essential life experiences, supporting them all the way till affected girls are able to find a job and proper living.

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