Increased number of SAT takers to affect average score

In a new pattern of SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), around 1.4 million students took the exam in the period between March and June. The convenor, the College Board, reported that the number of test takers has increased by around 180,000 as compared to last year.

However, the scorecard of individuals has not yet been released by the board. The College Board said the result will be declared later, but before the next SAT when it has a full year of data on graduating seniors of the academic year 2016-17.

The new version of SAT doesn’t alter the content of the exam. The paper is still based on mathematics and critical reading skill while the essay portion is made optional. Maths is now made to be useful for the purpose of college studies and career and vocabulary portion is rather based on the pragmatic side which can come in handy further other than irritating obscure words.

The total marks in each section will also remain same i.e. 800. Also in the new pattern, there would be no negative marking for the wrong attempts.

The expectations of authorities with the new pattern went opposite. The authorities thought the new pattern would not attract students but the figures are rather surprising for the College board.

This year, the average score in each section is expected to go low with the increment in the number of students. As last year, the average score of the 2016 seniors went down a little bit as compared to 2015 seniors. In the critical reading section, the average score obtained was 494 which is short by 3 marks as of 2015 class seniors. Also, the average score of Maths remained short by 4 marks to 508. In writing, which is optional now, the average score of 2016 class 482 while the score of 2015 class was 487.

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