IITs take a positive stand with the startups, AIPC lifts ban on 31 blacklisted companies

It seems PM Narendra Modi’s drive to make Indian startup community generate three lakh jobs by 2020 has picked up the speed again. The AIPC, popularly known as All-IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology)  placement committee which leads the group of 16 premier institutions of the country has lifted the ban on startups for conducting placement drive in the current academic session.

Last year in August 2016, the ban was announced by IITs for 31 startups after several incidences of delaying and revoking job offers for the 2015 batch of IITians. The list included startups such as Zomato, Grofers, Portea Medical, Peppertap, Cash care Technologies, MeraHunar, LexInnova, IndusInsight, China’s Johnson Electric, Hopscotch and GPSK.IIT Placement Drive

The decision was taken during the during the 23rd AIPC (All-IIT placement committee) meeting at IIT Bombay. The members unanimously decided to withdraw the ban on companies blacklisted on August 14, 2016, is hereby revoked with immediate effect. 

The three main reasons for revoking the ban include: Some students want to work for some big startups in the list; plus the ban was for one year only, hence a decision was needed before the placement season began. Lastly, the new IITs could benefit from having more companies in the mix. As shared in a media statement by Kaustubha Mohanty, coordinator of AIPC, “the placement committee in each of the IITs should consider the track record of a particular company, before inviting it to take part in the campus placements.”

The IITs Start-Ups Fuss

All the IITs have a one-student-one-job principle, which means if a student gets a job offer during on-campus recruitment, he or she cannot appear for more interviews. Until last year, the students too being part of such premier institutes did not seem to be offended by the policy. After the 2015 recruitment drive, many startup biggies like Flipkart, Grofers, Zomato and more revoked or delayed the job offers at the last moment, the selected students get into trouble.

Grofers also got stuck in a legal tangle after it revoked the job offers of 67 students, a few days before the joining date. A legal notice was sent by 20 students collectively to Grofers and even after a threatful revert, students continue to battle with the company. Flipkart too delayed the joining of many candidates last year; it was saved from the brunt of institutions with a warning. To clear the air over its brand, Flipkart accommodated the students selected in the campus drive. Flipkart did not participate in last year’s campus placement drive at IITs. 
The IITs Start-Ups Fuss

From the investigation thus carried, it came to the notice of AIPC that of the nine companies barred by IIT Bombay, LeGarde Burnett Group turned out to be fake while three others had already shut shop. The remaining five were also facing a severe fund crunch.

This forced AIPC to take strict action against such companies to avoid any kind of mishap with the students. The IITs have a reputation across the globe. Hence, we cannot let the students suffer for no fault of theirs or the institutes. But a few days later, the news also surfaced that the ban was ignored as some IITs have invited these blacklisted companies for placement programmes.

AIPC Is Going A Way Ahead

AIPC is going out with an all-new positive stand with the startups. In the near future, all IITs will be free to call any startup of their choice for campus placements. However, AIPC will provide the students with the track record of each company.

Although the startups have welcomed this move by AIPC, will they be able to again gain a seat on the first day of IIT campus placements, reserved for top-notch brands? Let’s Wait and Watch the IIITs Campus Placement Drive!!

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