IITs are becoming centre for ‘anti-India, anti-Hindu’ activities : RSS

An article as produced by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) referred that prestigious institute like IITs are being turned into a hub for ‘anti-India, anti-Hindu’ activities. Most of these institutions are still under control of some political parties of India who are running these institutions without having any moral or ethical values through Board of Directors as their puppets. Faculties without paying any attention to their duties are misguiding the students who chose to study in these institutes, considering these institutions maintain a better infrastructure.

rashtriya swayamsevak sanghRSS in their article stated that non-vegetarian food being served to students in IIT Roorkee which is situated in holy place like Haridwar. Also students were stopped performing any religious activities in community halls as per students of NIT Rourkela. Students are seriously offended by these rules implemented in institution that strongly presents features against the religious views. Both of these incident shows these institutes are turning into places for ‘anti-Indian, anti-Hindu’ activities. Board of Directors or Management Committee must be held responsible for this act, as these incidents are not being taken cared by authorities or they are simply ignoring it.

RSS strictly made their point through this article to bring changes in education sector and to implement Indian morality in system. This would help to teach students not only to build themselves up but also to respect their religion with which they are attached from their birth. And it would be also useful to oppose those policies, which they might think prevent them from following their religion.

Taking a dig at political parties, RSS in their article said that these actions are result of opposition by some IIMs to the draft bill presented by Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD). As draft bill will hand over the entire power of administration to the government of India.

In most of the cases, officials who are in touch with politicians are recruited as Board of Members in these institutes which reduces the chances of other qualified persons of getting appointed to these posts, of which they are worthy. The proposed bill as per the article will introduce a provision, which will prevent the appointment of board members by any foul means. They will be appointed directly by the ‘President of India’ rather by the appointment committee of the cabinet of any political party.

This will prevent such appointments of board members who are not at all eligible for the post. But will lead to appointment of such dignified persons who has moral values and some responsibilities towards their society. Otherwise, it would be difficult to ensure the standards of such institutions, which plays a vital role in building up a nation.

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