IIT Roorkee will readmit 71 expelled students, ‘conditions apply’

After debate over expulsion of 71 students, IIT Roorkee finally decided to grant them readmission under few conditions. In a meeting held on Monday evening, officials granted readmission to all the students who were expelled on the basis of poor academic results.

uttarakhand high court decision on expelled IIT roorkee studentsDean of the students’ welfare D. K. Nauriyal said to one of the local news agency that considering all aspects of the situation, the Senate has took this following decision. The conditions under which the expelled students were granted readmission are as – students would have to start from first semester and have to score at least five Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) in both first and second semester. Those students will have to maintain 75 percent attendance in each subject, Nauriyal added.

A total of 73 students were expelled by IIT Roorkee officials for scoring less than 5 CGPA in first year of four-year undergraduate program. In order to maintain the high quality education structure, a rule which enables the officials to expel students on basis of their CGPA result witnessed expulsion of students from IIT Roorkee. However after keeping consideration two students were relieved and other 71 students were expelled.

The official said that the expelled students had been warned about their falling grades in May this year. They also received a notice before their expulsion. After which respective parents made an appeal to the institution seeking reconsideration. However, Senate had already made their decision to expel the following students. HRD Ministry official claimed that they have nothing to do as IIT is an autonomous body having their own sets of rules and regulations. Even the Uttarakhand High Court rejected the appeal of students who have challenged the decision of IIT Roorkee.

IIT Roorkee Director when asked stated the decision was justified. Though students come from vernacular medium background but they need to stabilize themselves with the environment and cope up with studies. The reputation of such institution is in the hands of students.

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However, after special consideration regarding the future of expelled students, the Institute’s Senate, which consists of over 100 professors from all departments have decided to grant them all readmission under certain conditions.

The institution have made an agreement with parent of expelled students during readmission stating the student could be expelled from the institution for poor academic record without being reconsidered.

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