IIT Roorkee innovates indigenous radar system

IIT Roorkee innovates indigenous radar systemIn a big boost to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, the Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee (IIT-R) have developed an indigenous radar system to detect land mines and other non-metallic objects buried in the ground.

Gone are the days when ‘Majnu ka tilla’ or ‘Sharmaji ke samose’ were the only talk-worthy points of a college. Instead of dancing around trees and sending love notes, college kids these days are instead doing “something innovative.”

Everything, including the presence of RDX, which are buried to the depth of three metres in the ground would be detected with images of radar’s screen

This kind of development in radar system, which is used in exposing the hidden objects buried in the ground, is the first example in the country and has been developed with the help of indigenous technology. Over two years have been spent in the development of GPR. Though imported GPRs are available in the country, they have developed it on the basis of locally available electronic components, (own) manpower and technology. The GPRs are used to detect the land mines and other metallic objects buried in the earth. To use it, the device has to be carried by hand over doubtful tracts. The locally-developed GPR, would not only detect metallic objects like explosive devices used in land mines but expose the position of non-metallic items like cable and on the screen of radar system.

The institute is also working on the next version of this radar while coupling a robot with it. The robot will move on susceptive tracts (of land mines) holding the radar, replacing the soldier or other person there. With this arrangement, incidents of possible human causality in military search operations would be tackled effectively.

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