IIT Roorkee expels 73 students for their poor performance

Seventy three students studying in Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee who performed badly in the first year B.Tech scoring less than 5 in Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) have been expelled. Last year, for the sake of quality education, a rule was framed where students performing badly and scoring less than 5 CGPA in two consecutive semesters would be expelled.

students expelled from IIT roorkee
73 students of B.Tech first year were expelled from IIT Roorkee over their poor performance in semester exams

After taking into account students mercy plea, the expulsion was done. Mercy plea was rejected by the Institutes’ apex body. According to the statement issued by IIT Roorkee officials, at the time of admission parents of students signed declaration regarding performance in examination and students expulsion if the performance is poor and not up to the mark.

In the month of May itself, the institution had warned students to show improvement after their performance in  second semester examinations. Time was provided for students to file mercy appealing.

According to the HRD Ministry officials, IITs are autonomous bodies that stipulates their own rules to students and HRD could not do anything regarding this issue and hence maintained silence.

Earlier many students belonging to IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanpur were also treated in the similar way and they were expelled for their poor performance in semester exams and the ministry officials said that the recent case of IIT Roorkee was not an anomaly. Around 15 to 20 students of first year were removed from IIT Kharagpur in 2006 for performing badly in examinations.

Many students were in state of shock over their expulsion and some even said that they were not warned that by scoring less than 5 CGPA would result in their removal from institute. Treasurer of Students Affair Council at IIT Roorkee, Mr Rajveer Choudhary said that since students come from different backgrounds, they must be given time to adjust to the academic environment.

Revamped pattern of IIT-JEE entrance test also favors students as it is now easier for students to solve objective type questions if luck goes by their way and this was said by one IIT professor. So some students find the courses tough once when they step inside the IITs after getting seat.

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