IIT placements 2016: more recruiters, lesser offers

In the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), the most admired engineering colleges of India, it is the placement season, which gives all other engineering students a complexion that the IITians are very competitive. Pupils of the IITs from the very semester of the first year try to fill in their CVs with those positions of responsibility to win that extra event, to get that extra award, and lastly to get the prestigious HUL/DB internship. Partly it is done out of love & passion, partly to build their carriers so as to come out with flying colors on the Day 1 of the placement season. Be it IIT or DU, a lot of us do it and there is no harm accepting it.

IIT placement 2016If there is one word which could describe Day 1 of placement appropriately it would be: mayhem. The auditorium or the complex where the placement session takes place is never less than a fish market. However the fish you will select will be beneficial for the growth of the organization viz a viz personal growth. At the same place, and at the same time, one can also witness broken dreams in abundance.

However, this year an increased number of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) coupled with revised recruitment plans by recruiters has led to number of offers come down by 10% at placements, even as number of companies at campuses is slightly up this year.

The very first example is IIT Kharagpur, whereas against 280 companies that visited last year, 300 companies registered for placement this year. Similar was the case with IIT Guwahati where the number of recruiters rose significantly from 150 last year to 200 this year. But the rise in the number of companies all went in vein because the number of offer per recruiter has come down by anywhere between 10%- 20% at different IITs which shattered the dreams of many IITians. The reasons thus attributed by IITs for the same are multiple, one such is the rise in the number of the premier institutes to now 23. As the number of IITs has increased to 23, there are too many campuses for the recruiters to visit. Second such reason is the revision plans by the recruiting firms. Another reason thus quoted for the fall in number of offers is the general economic condition in the market. IIT Kanpur was also in the same situation. But, a student of IIT-Kanpur who hails from Delhi has received a job offer of nearly Rs 1.5 crore per annum from Microsoft. This is the highest ever salary offered to a student of IIT-K.

However, IIT Roorkee has so far beaten the trend. Unlike some of the other IITs, Roorkee has not seen a decline in number of offers. It has been slightly better than last year. Somewhere around 100 companies have so far made close to 450 offers at IIT Roorkee, which if compared to last year is marginally higher.

Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (IIT-B) is also in the same queue, as this year very few offers for the positions in the US came forward. It’s not that the numbers of US-based companies were few or less, the number of US-based companies which visited the campus for recruitments has remained same as the last couple of years, officially no offers have been made yet for positions in the most sought-after country. From the Bombay campus, ISRO picked up four students and ONGC made as many as eight offers. On the other hand, offers from Japanese and Taiwanese firms had seen a significant rise, with Yahoo Japan alone making six offers in Bombay. Other Japanese firms that participated in the recruitment includes Konica Minolta and NTT communications.  Aditi Laddha from Ratlam in MP has been offered the job by Uber International which made the highest offer to students across some of the IITs during this year’s placements that commenced on December 1.

IIT placement offersIn terms of average packages, there has also been some rise – Flow Traders and Uber had offered one job each based in the US. Oracle, had offered the highest package at IIT Kharagpur and Guwahati, has also made one offer at the Bombay campus. At both the institutes Oracle made an offer of $125,000 along with a signing bonus of $10,000 and stock options worth $1,000.

An exception this year has been with IIT Hyderabad by placing 120 students out of 420 under-graduates and post-graduates passing out this year in the first phase. The institute received bumper offers from various biggies in the market such as Amazon, Oracle, Qualcomm, Paypal, Mercedez Benz and Honeywell among many others. Also, the number of international offers has reached 16, compared to 13 last year. This is largely because the institute made an active effort to woo Japanese companies including Yahoo Japan, SMS and Rakuten. Moreover the Japanese companies had given a good number of international offers.

During this placement drive, core companies ruled the IIT Delhi with over 70 per cent of students opting for jobs in core sector including technology. In the first six days of placements with only a day’s break, all in all 500 offers were received by students.  This season with over 20 students bagged offers paying over $100,000 base pay. However, some students preferred domestic offers over the hyped international offers.

This year IIT Mandi has placed 65 per cent of its students while Ropar and Indore IITs have placed over 70 per cent of their students. This year Mahindra & Mahindra will visit the IITs which include Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Indore, Jodhpur, Patna, Mandi, Ropar and Bhubaneswar, besides established IITs.

The South Korean mobile phone and electronics major  Samsung emerge the top recruiter from IIT campuses this year by hiring more than 300 engineers from the country’s premier technology institutes. Samsung made maximum offers in at least three Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) campuses after the first eight days of final placements this year. Other big recruiters that have made a large number of offers so far across IITs include EXL, Reliance Industries (RIL) and Capgemini. Samsung made the maximum number of offers at IIT Roorkee, IIT Varanasi (Banaras Hindu University), and Guwahati, handing out 95 offers in these three campuses. At IIT Kharagpur, it is trailing only Coal India. Samsung is also hiring aggressively from other top IITs such as Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Kanpur and Hyderabad.

Despite all this, there are people who had put in much more hard work and are smarter than those got placed, but they are still unplaced. There might be students who probably have had the best CV in the whole college, still they would have got the worst slotting ever. The ability to be calm and luck are the biggest factors in play of IIT PLACEMENT. In this play, people who are considered the smartest brains in the country can be seen breaking down. It is frightening. It is heartbreaking.

IITians, wish you all the best!

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