IIT Madras to offer free online course on mobile app development

IIT Madras has brought a great news for mobile app lovers. The Institute will introduce free online classes teaching to develop an app. This prestigious IIT will start a free online course on Introduction to Modern Application Development (IMAD). Interested learners can access to this course at www.imad.tech from 5th September onward this year.

The course will be continued for 5 weeks and the registration facility has been opened so that the registered students can enjoy the video later. The video lectures will be made available on YouTube. The beauty of this course is that one can enjoy the learning process anytime. The video duration will be less of 20 minutes, so it will not put any stress during learning.

Also, it would not require high programming skill. A person with basic programming skill can learn to develop easily with this course. After the completion of course, there will be a test after clearing which one can get the certificate from IIT Madras.

The course will be conducted by the faculty of Department of Electrical Engineering, Gaurav Raina, and Tanmai Gopal, CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and co-founder of Hasura. Tanmai Gopal is himself graduated from IIT Madras from the Department of Computer Science Engineering.

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This course will be divided into five module which is designed from basic skills to higher programming skill. In the first module, a common introduction to the internet and its protocol will be taught. Followed by the first module, Module II will give an insight of basic web application which will cover entire knowledge of web application. In the third module, on can learn how and why of modelling data of application using databases. The fourth module will be on performance and the security of the application. And finally, the fifth module will teach how to create a mobile application.

The course has many benefits like it will help one to learn something new. Besides learning, it will add some value to the resume of the students. Also, it will help to get access to higher paying jobs.

This is a great opportunity for those who spend money to learn the app development process. Also, nowadays most of the work are doing through app whether it is the idea to eat delicious food or to enjoy shopping from home with more convenience. So, this free online course will provoke some learners to bring some creative apps to the market.


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