IIT Madras row update: Supreme court summons HRD secretary, political slamming continues

IIT Madras is trapped in the controversies for not recognizing a students body. A notice was issued by the national scheduled castes panel to Union HRD Secretary and IIT-Madras Director demanding them to present them on June 8 in the midst of a political row over de-acknowledgment of a student’s body involving generally dalits.

IIT-M shielded themselves from APSC by answering the notice that they never curbed the students organizations from ‘freedom of speech ‘or obligation of ban on any such unions. The institution asserted that the enlistment of the student organization was “withheld temporarily” as it had issued flyers and set up blurbs freely with the name of IIT-Madras, disregarding the standards.

In order to relax these controversies IIT-M authorities requested the student union Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle (APSC) to put a full stop on this showdown as it was spoiling the standards of the institution and has left the grounds in turmoil. They chose to meet in a meeting of its Board of Students not long from now or ahead of schedule one week from now to talk about the hesitant de-acknowledgment.

Since the matter was pacing up the Commission had taken suo motu cognisance of the de-acknowledgment of the student body for purportedly abusing the organization’s set of principles taking after a protestation that it was incredulous of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Information was circulated by NCSC sources that meeting is planned on June 8 calling Union HRD Secretary and IIT-M Director for discussing this matter. In the intervening time, for a harmonious end to the brawl, IIT-M authorities met representatives of the APSC in Chennai.

At the meeting held subsequently to arrange a challenge prior in the day, individuals from the APSC set forth a five-point contract of requests including its re-acknowledgment and “unqualified statement of regret from the Dean (Students) for abuse of the authority force. Since it was a matter of prestige also, the union of students demanded a rollback of the activity against it and a conciliatory sentiment amid the discussions.

IIT-M stated that the demands of the students also integrated:

  • Overturning the dictatorial code of conduct while violating Article 19 (a) Freedom of Expression.
  • Formally perceiving all free student bodies and giving majority rule space.
  • Equivalent benefits like hall.
  • IITM authority mail record to every one of them.

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As the issue was spreading like fire in the jungle, so an emergency meeting was called up of the Board of Students (BoS) as per the expediency of its members and also of APSC team.

IIT-M clarified that they never banned any student organization particularly that of SC student’s .They only stopped them that too for a period of time because they were breaking the rules.

It was strictly said that no student union will use the name of the institution that is IIT-M, for any advertisements and will also not gather the support without any official permits.

But the student unions see themselves as the masters and they violated the rules by conducting unofficial meetings and distributing the pamphlets.

As a result of which ,turmoil wins on the ground, after APSC’s de-acknowledgment by the foundation that took after Union HRD service sending a mysterious objection to it which blamed the student body for spreading contempt against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In India if any political party is included in any issue the oppositions are ready to criticize them. Something like this happened that this issue was depicted as a “demonstration of injustice” and an “assault” on freedom of expression by the political parties like Congress, DMK, AAP and several others in Chennai and Delhi and NDA’s Maharashtra ally RPI.

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