IIT Kharagpur students now have the chance to study abroad, for a semester or two

In a holdover news, a new academic programme will now pave the way for the students of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) to study in some of the topmost universities and technological institutes of the world for a semester or two. IIT Kharagpur senate approved a programme called Semester Away Programme (SAP) and the students pursuing graduation/post-graduation can avail themselves of this opportunity from this year at their own cost. The current ‘Semester Away Programme’ of IIT Kharagpur is entirely different from exchange programmes offered by other universities and institutes in the country, including the IITs themselves.

Under this programme, the students will be able to choose courses offered in an institution in India or abroad, take approval from the faculty and apply. This does not necessarily mean a university the student choose to go for his ‘Semester Away Programme’ have to be the ones with whom IIT Kharagpur has Memorandum of Understanding with. Once the students choose an institute, the students will be able to go and study there. The time period of this SAP programme can be one semester or a maximum of two semesters.

The course fee for the SAP will have to be arranged by the students. On successful completion of the programme, students will stand the chance of getting their credits at IIT-KGP waived against the credits earned through SAP. It completely depends on the courses they opt. If in case the student chooses a course for which he cannot get his credits waived, he will be allowed to complete the pending semesters at IIT-KGP within an additional six months.

P K Das, dean of post-graduate programme at IIT-KGP said, “the national and international exposure will make them more employable. Under such a scenario, even if they have to complete their pending semesters at IIT-KGP by studying for an additional six months, they will only stand to gain.”

But for the undergraduate students, they should have completed four semesters with a CGPA of more than 7 (with no backlog) in order to be eligible provided there is no disciplinary action pending against him/her. On the other hand, PG candidate should have completed two semesters (4 semesters for MMST students) with a CGPA more than 7 (with no backlog) and no pending disciplinary action.


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