IIT Kharagpur first institution to provide course on “make in India” campaign: Indian Government supports

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has become nation’s first Institution to present a course on ‘Make in India’ dream instigated by Prime Minister, Shree Narendra Modi and supported by the Indian Government. The program will focus on the alterations in the Industrial Disputes Act to formulate the PM’s pet campaign a huge success.

This 7-days short-term course phrased as ‘Industrial relations and Make in India: emerging trends’ will educate students about the key schema behind this vision, and how a synchronization can be refurbished between ‘industrial democracy’ and citizens by means of land and people friendly inventiveness. A course on ‘land acquisition, rehabilitation and environmental clearance of projects’ is also being offered by the institute.

IIT Kharagpur

From IIT, Kharagpur-

According to the program details shared by IIT, Kharagpur, “In order to translate the slogan into bona fide action, there is a need to revisit regulatory framework dealing industrial relations in the country. Harmonious relationship between employer and employee is sine qua non not only for attaining productivity for the industry but also for achieving prosperity for the nation.’

Course Curriculum-

Now that, when the Indian Government is leaving no stone unturned to generate more and more alertness and positive settings for the industry leaders and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to start industrialization in India, hence this course has been intended to make people recognize the core reason behind this vision, as well as to enlighten them about the modern-day industrial laws and policies.

Some of the core curriculum of the course embraces,

  • The chronological backdrop of Manufacturing industry in India, and the representation behind “Make in India” program.
  • Globalization of employees, and the new archetype of labor unions and worker management modus operandi in India.
    Comprehensible explanation and understanding of ‘workman’ and ‘industry’: their associations, at the same time, how to handle employee turbulence like, strikes and lock-outs
  • How to officially deal with such circumstances and perceptions of the provisions of bylaws during such occurrences.
  • How to execute safety measures within the industrial sites, according to the existing laws.
  • The notion of outsourcing and thereby, managing indenture labor in India.Personnel growth and fortification programs.
  • The entire course has been alienated into 6 nos. of modules, which is supposed to be taught in 7 days.
    Course fees

Instructors, Industry associates and students can grace the 7-day program with their presence between 11th July 2015 to 17th July 2015 at the IIT, Kharagpur campus. While students are required to pay a sum of Rs. 3000/- for the course, Rs. 6000/- has been decided for Academics and Industrialists and delegates from the industry are obligatory to pay Rs. 10,000/- for the same. It is free of cost for the Faculty of All India Council for Technical Education-approved Institutes

Mode of the 7-day program-

The course will have lectures, deliberations, demonstration, case studies and management games to convey maximum information and knowledge about ‘Make in India’.

Students can fill in the form, and send the same to Mr. Uday Shankar, program co-ordinator before June 20, 2015 for participation in the same.

IIT, Kharagpur’s move to initiate this course comes in the wake of the Centre’s recent Labour Law bids in order to make the retrenchment policies in factories easier.

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