IIT Kanpur to introduce new course in Cognitive science

IIT-Kanpur is all geared up to launch its new course, which will cover the area of cognitive science. The new course is most likely to be launched by next academic session of 2016-17. IIT-Kanpur is all set to introduce postgraduate and doctoral courses in cognitive science. With the initiation of this course, this is going to become the second IIT to run a full-scale program on cognitive science. At present, IIT-Gandhinagar runs a course on cognitive science.

IIT Kanpur to introduce new course in Cognitive science
Scholars in Cognitive Science at IIT Gandhinagar

The draft of the proposal regarding the start of course will be presented before the education policy committee and the senate of IIT-Kanpur. According to the draft, postgraduate course will comprise of 15 seats and Ph.d program will incorporate a total number of 10 seats initially. Number may be increased in future depending on the interest shown by students. For students at the institute, cognitive science will not be a regular one; instead it is going to be an elective one.

The course on cognitive science was proposed in order to equip students gain knowledge and expertise regarding different types of human behavior and reasons behind them, said Professor Harish Karnick from Computer Science and Engineering department. Talking about Cognitive Science, Professor expanded on it saying that cognitive science at the most basic level is the study of human behavior such as emotions, action, memory, attention, perception, decision-making and consciousness. It is termed as cognitive science because it involves the study of relationships between mind and brain and it has everything to do with influences of the environment. He further added that, students would become experts dealing with it through study and research.

IIT-Gandhinagar paved the way for two-year M.Sc. program in cognitive science in 2013. Until IIT-Gandhinagar launched the cognitive science program, this field was overlooked in the academic structure of India. Institute’s director, S K Jain told that in its year of inception of program, IIT-Gandhinagar had received a total of 500 applications for mere 15 positions.

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