IIT Kanpur launches special course on Unmanned Air Vehicle

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, established in the year 1959, was one of the first IITs of India. Recently a new course in Cognitive Science was commenced from next academic year onwards, and students would be getting their postgraduate and doctoral degrees in this subject.

iit kanpur introduces course on unmanned air vehicle
Image displaying Unmanned Air Vehicle ‘Panchi’

Now IIT Kanpur has notified that a special course on Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) would be introduced. This course is famously known as Drone Technology amongst students and professionals. The team that is responsible for the development of first indigenious Long Endurance UAV would guide the students regarding this new course on UAV. The term ”UAV” refers to an aircraft with no human pilot inside. It is usually controlled by computers or by means of remote control by pilot on the ground and they are mostly used for military purposes.

The course would be of 4 days duration and it would be conducted in IIT Kanpur campus itself. Students can avail the course by paying a fee of Rs 20,000 and fee for professionals of greater order is Rs 40,000. Students need not worry about accommodation as their entire stay would be managed by the IIT campus authorities.

The main objective of this course is to provide hands-on training to students for the understanding and would finally help the students in designing a Unmanned Air Vehicle – UAV. At the Flight Labs of IIT Kanpur, there would be flight trials and testing. Students of this program will take part to collect, analyze & evaluate the performance and handling qualities of airplanes. Flight labs is involved in research towards parameter estimation from flight data. Instrumentation of the aircraft would be upgraded. The skill and knowledge developed in this lab are shared with many aero agencies for research and development activities in the field of flight testing.

In August 2014, IIT Kanpur had launched UAV to help police, army, other border security forces. Great buzz was created for its technological transformation. To keep 15 seats in Post graduate courses and ten seats in PhD in Cognitive science, a proposal had been put forward. Depending on the students interest and turn out, the percentage of seats would increase.

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