IIT JEE entrance exams now open to Nepal students

jee examWhen Narendra Modi chose to visit Nepal as his First Nation of visit, it was evident that the focus was upon bringing the mountainous nation back into folds of its long lost discredited neighbor. 

In fact India has gone so far as to assure it that India is committed to Nepal as its first priority in foreign policy. 

In a banquet organised in favour of the Indian President, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee, he stated that, “I am very happy to announce that from 2017 onwards Nepalese students will have the opportunity to pursue graduate and postgraduate courses in Indian Institutes of Technology on a regular basis. For this, our Institutes of Technology will open their entrance examinations to Nepalese students”.

According to the President, students exchange has been a part of long tradition of students exchange for the nation.

These views were expressed in an event jointly organised by think tanks from across India and Nepal.

According to the Indian President, the youths of South Asia should not remain hostage to “baggage of history but move forward and create their own niche.”

He also urged that they should have more opportunities in education, health, technology and employment generation. 

In fact, according to the Indian President, the aspiring students for the coveted seats in the IITs would have option to appear for the exam in Kathmandu itself.

His remarks drew applause from the crowd which included dignitaries such as Foreign Minister of Nepal Prakash Sharan Mahat and also ministers in Nepal and India.

Stressing upon the importance of cooperation between the two nations on education and academic tie-ups, the Indian president further stressed upon the commitment of India towards Nepal by focusing on the 3000 scholarship for the Nepalese students to study in India, other than the  250 scholarships annually offered for Government and non-Government employees of Nepal for training in technical institutes in India.”

In fact, President Mukherjee also met with a broad spectrum of political and civil society figures in Kathmandu and reminded Nepal that India remained committed to its “neighborhood first” foreign policy.

Nepal, often remembered as India’s foster brother has found a voice in new government which it was almost on the verge of loosing but now may add to the the growing pathos of the the nation itself with its focus on inclusiveness.

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