IIT Bombay Techfest enters into Final Day

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) is hosting Techfest 2016 from December 16 to 18 with a budget of Rs 2 crore and major sponsorship coming in from Reliance Jio, the title sponsor. Being held in association with Times of India, the three-day fest is one of Asia’s largest annual science and technology festival. It is the 20th edition Techfest – A Space Expedition.

The Techfest has hosted various exhibitions, workshops and competitions for those interested in technology. The festival also acts as a platform for students to interact with personalities from across the globe to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Among the speakers this year are Rakesh Sharma (the first Indian in space), Sharmila Tagore (UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador), Nirmala Sitharaman (hon’ble minister Commerce & Industry) to name a few.

Likewise last year, this year too amid the festival an international summit addressing the idea “Internet of Things”, was held on the very first day. With the continuous and rapid growth in the number of devices connected to the Internet, the focus of the summit was capitalizing this tremendous opportunity. The summit started with a keynote lecture by Jeff Demain, Former Director of Intel Labs, followed by a panel discussion with representatives from companies like Oracle, So Go Survey and Salesforce.com to name a few. Bruce Allen, Principal Investigator of the LIGO Project also graced the first day of the festival. Bionic Hands (A Helping Hand) and Auto Show showcasing Super Cars & Super Bikes left the audience gasping.

Bionic Hands in Action (Image Source : Twitter)

December 17th marked the second day of IIT Bombay Techfest. First Indian to travel in Space, Rakesh Sharma and Renowned Chemist Peter Atkins gave lectures while two tech-focussed competitions were also conducted. Robowars – fight of the robots and IC Engine Car Race named Full Throttle remained the attraction of the day. What next, there was the screening of a movie later in the night.

As the final day comes close, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sharmila Tagore and Minister of Commerce & Industry, Nirmala Sitharaman will connect with the audience. Following the lectures, the exhibition of Rocket Models & Launch vehicles will be done by ISRO. Mind Controlled Drones will also be a part of the exhibition on the last day.

Marking its first entry into the IIT Techfest, Indian Army showcased the war equipment under the banner ‘Know Your Army’. The rocket launcher and automatic grenade launcher being the major attraction points, attracted large crowds.

Patronized by UNESCO and UNICEF, the fest receives footfall of more than 1,35,000 people, mainly youth, from across the nation and has an outreach of over 2,500 colleges across India and over 500 overseas.

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