IIT Bombay invites applications for e-Yantra Robotics Competition

E-Yantra is a competition organized by Indian Institute Technology Bombay (IIT-B) for the engineering students to test their skills. The main aim of organizing this event is to lay emphasis on one’s mind regarding solving problems.

iit bombay e-yantra robotics competition
Interested students can register for e-Yantra Robotics Competition online

This competition is completely based on team coordination. The apex institute as on July 3 announced the commencement of e-Yantra competition. In this competition, students from various engineering colleges across India are eligible to participate. Apart from other robotics competition in which students have to build a robot with the sources they are provide with, e-Yantra offers a robot to the teams participating in the competition and encourages them to develop the given robot to pre set tasks.

E-Yantra scheme of IIT Bombay is sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under National Mission for ICT in Education program. In order to provide scope for talented engineering students who have limited access to the labs and workshops, the apex institute have initiated this program with the aim to help the students in solving problems they are dealing in everyday life with the help of robot development.

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Professors from IIT Bombay’s CSE department, Prof. Kavi Arya and Prof. Krithi Ramamritham have years of experience in teaching embedded system. According to them, the major problem that a student faces in a robotic competition is first they have to build a robot then work on the programming. However, most of the times students face difficulty in designing a robot due to which resultant becomes inefficient. Under this scheme, the group of students will be provided a robot with an open source platform. Now students will only have to work on developing the robot according to the basic needs.

Prof. Kavi Arya, Conceptualized and Overall Coordinator of e-Yantra stated that, “India is at interesting evolutionary moment in global stage. We need to harness the youthful talent for solving our country’s problem.”

As a important part of the competition, students will be encouraged to find the best possible solution with the help of given resources and successfully implementing them in practical use.


eYRC is open for all students from engineering colleges. Undergraduate students from Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Electrical engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments are eligible to apply in a team of three having one group leader. As per the officials of eYantra, students having basic knowledge of C programming can apply for the competition.

Students will be provided with

  • A robotic kit with all the accessories required
  • A rule book in order to guide them in solving various technology related problems
  • Students will also be provided with video tutorials which would help them in learning basic concept of micro controller and embedded system.


The team leader of the group needs to log on to the web portal of eYRC i.e http://portal.e-yantra.org and enter the full details of all the candidates taking part in the competition. After submitting full details of the team as well as respective college, students will receive a conformation mail from e-Yantra confirming their participation.

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