IIPM to close all campuses from October 2015, Institute to turn into research & training center

Indian Institute Of Planning and Management( IIPM) would be closing all of its campuses form October 2015. The present batch would be its last batch of students to pass out from IIPM. According to Mr Arindham Chaudhuri, its founder, the process involved is complex and many negative campaigns against the institute had led to this situation involving closing of the institute in October.

iipm to close all campus from october 2015Mr Chaudhuri also talked about imparting education through a partner and degrees while the infrastructure would be dealt with the concerned institute. He also said that the faculty members of IIPM would go to the institutes to teach students as an external instructor and IIPM would not be involved directly in giving the certificates to the students.

Founder of IIPM assured that inspite of the closures of the IIPM institutes, people belonging to it would not be left  jobless, as organizations having associations with IIPM would be absorbing these people. The sole objective is to  provide edge in entrepreneurship, economics, leadership and strategy to lakhs of students through knowledge partnerships with hundreds of institutions.

According to an official website belonging to IIPM, technical collaboration between IIPM and many institutions in India have been signed to share their knowledge while direct admissions would be stopped.

Mr Chaudhuri said that the last batch students would pass out in October 2015, after that there will not be any course offered by this institute. IIPM of Delhi would function as research and training institution where the training would be given to institutions or corporates that enter into technical collaboration of sharing the knowledge with IIPM.

Being controversy oriented is not new for IIPM because previously the AICTE and University Grants Commission (UGC) had warned and said IIPM is not recognized by it and  since IIPM is not an university, it wont be eligible to award degrees to people. A FIR was also lodged by UGC in the same manner.

In 2013, IIPM was in the middle of controversy when 73 URLs, critical of IIPM, including its own blogs were ordered to be blocked. As per Mr Arindham Chaudhuri, tie-ups with Ishan Institute of Noida and Aurora Institute of Hyderabad are completed for partnering as technical collaborator of knowledge for the benefit of students.

The burning issue over which there is continuing disagreement between AICTE,UGC and IIPM is that the institute had continued with its operations without getting any accreditation yet.

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