IIPM to change its model, not closing its campus

Indian Institute of Planning and Management( IIPM), is an institute founded by Mr Arindam Chaudhuri, with its headquarters in Delhi. There are 18 such institutes all over India. This IIPM, founded in the year 1973, never ceases to hog the limelight. Earlier this institute was in the news for providing fake degrees, now its back in news again regarding the shutdown all its campuses all over India.

iipm to be modified into research center
IIPM Delhi center to be modified into research & training center

IIPM founder Arindam Chaudhuri firmly denied that the institutes are closing down and further stated that it had only redesigned its model to enter into technical collaboration of sharing knowledge with many institutes in India as IIPM 2.0. He said that he doesn’t want to be associated with AICTE, UGC problems anymore in the future. Arindam also stated that the subjects taught in other colleges are very poor and most of the colleges have just 24 papers in two years when compared to 72 papers in two years at IIPM.

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On explaining about IIPM 2.0, Arindam said any institute can tie up with IIPM by sending an application for knowledge partnership for specialized subjects such as economy, business strategy. Leadership, entrepreneurship and personality development would be taught by the faculty members of IIPM for students belonging to various institutes that have association with IIPM.

Arindam further said that in May 2014 itself he had announced about this initiative. Arindam Chaudhuri even explained about how IIPM would collaborate with other institutes after it is satisfied with other courses taught at said institutes, thereby naming as IIPM Centre for Excellence. The cost of running campuses would be reduced by this initiative.

Mr Chaudhuri further added that, model of existence in every city except Delhi would change and old IIPM campuses would not admit any new students and students passing out in October would be the last batch.

Newbatch of students would be joining the partners of IIPM. IIPM had already tied up with two institutes, one in Greater Noida on the outskirts of New Delhi and other in Hyderabad. Arindam talked of having 30 such centres of excellence all over the country. Online portal of IIPM stated that all IIPM campuses now have only old students and these campuses are in the process of being shutdown as and when the old batches complete their courses of studies.

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