IIM Indore to hold the first-ever Startup Expo on 22 January

20 Indian Institutes of Management popularly known as the IIMs together form the top management institutions in the nation. Lakhs of students from all around the world seek admissions into IIMs every year by means of the CAT exam that take place in the last week of November every year. Some of the famous IIMs include the IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and the IIM Indore.

While IIM Bangalore forged a partnership with IIIT-B to help startups last year, IIM Indore is hosting the first ever start-up expo, the iExpo – 2017, in the central India on the 22nd January. Start-ups are becoming increasingly popular in India and it is a well sought out field of investment and interest by large companies and firms as well. Having a great idea to invest in, right after college ends is a wonderful way for students around the world to build up their business where they can be their own bosses.

IIM Indore is taking the entrepreneurship spree to a whole new level by organizing the expo which allows potential investors from around the globe to come and check out the innovative ideas of young graduates and also invest in these ideas in case they seem to be profitable for them. Some of the major companies, with an interest in technological start-ups, that are invited to the expo include CLUB ah, Z Nation Labs and Silicon Valley Venture Catalysts.

Apart from these potential investors, the various partners for the expo include Ventures, Z Nation lab, Swan Finance Ltd., Digital Pitara, Misfits – Inc42, LinkItes, Ivy Camp Ventures, Wadhwani Foundation, White Unicorn Ventures, Click Ventures, Sattviko, StartupEd, National Entrepreneurship Network, and much more. IIM Indore is also known for having its own entrepreneurship cell, which is committed to helping new business ideas nurture, and it also runs its own incubation unit which helps develop ideas of people within or outside IIM Indore.

An official release by IIM Indore stated, “By showcasing their products and services to industry experts, investors and potential customers, start-ups can increase their visibility.”

The role of Educational Institutions in Start-up India Mission holds very much significance. Holding a start-up expo is an excellent way for innovative students from around the nation to meet and showcase their ideas to potential investors. It is a major breakthrough for any start-up to get its seed money from a firm which it can proudly attach its name to. More details regarding the start-up expo can be found on the official website of the event and the tickets to the event can also be booked from the same.

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