IIM Bill likely to be placed in Budget Session

Now a new page of the IIM Bill has been written. Earlier when the IIM Bill was presented and few suggestions were offered, only three of the suggestions were accepted by the HRD Ministry. After a lot of talks around the bill, the bill had reached the spot where it should have, the cabinet for approval.

What does the bill has in store?

  • President to be given the right to review the functioning like the way it is in IITs
  • HRD Minster to be made the ex-officio head of the IIM committee
  • A board that consists of 5 alumni out of 14 members
  • No governmental regulation required for necessary changes

IIMThese were the major points when the bill reached the cabinet. Now let us have a look at the latest scenario.

The upcoming budget session will have IIM bill on the table for discussion after having gotten a final approval from the Ministry of Law. The approval is awaited eagerly for the grant of statutory powers to the IIMs so that instead of mere Post Graduate Diploma, they can confer students with Post Graduate Degrees. Some of the other proposals included are stated below-

  • Not anyone less than a High Court Judge to be authorized to conduct an inquiry if IIM’s Director is found guilty of any nature
  • The Board of Governors of IIM to check on the consistency of every IIM and maintain the check after that too. New institutes will be observed more closely
  • Like all other major institutes including IIT and Central Universities, the same visitor will be allotted, the President
  • Apart from the above mentioned tentative decisions to be taken, more power is likely to be bestowed on the body of Governors of the institute

When the bill was drafted initially, the HRD was proposed to be the Chairperson and it was a unanimous decision. Later this provision got a twist where it was decided that the Chairperson will be chosen by a selection panel. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the outcome.

IIMs will have a new era of dawn or dusk that the time will decide. For the time being, let us hope for the best.

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