IIMs get autonomy, bill approved, and why is this important

The approval from Cabinet gives the IIMs the right to confer degrees for its management programs

IIMs have been in the news for a while now and the New Year for them began with bill and proposals to be considered. Not too long ago, IIM-A had been asked to increase the number of seats, prior to that there had been more changes proposed by the IIM authority and now this breaking news. After long discussions and several meetings conducted, IIMs now have been conferred the right to grant degrees to the students graduating. Earlier, the premium institute had the right to award diplomas, not degrees.

Besides the Management that plays an integral part in the proper functioning of an institute, a Chairperson and Director will be designated. HRD minister Mr. Prakash Javedekar also shared the news:

The IIM bill that was on pending state has been approved by the Cabinet. IIMs have given a kick-start this New Year. Shyam Panchavati was seen praising the HRD minister of his intellectual move on his tweet. He believes that with Mr. Javedekar in the chair, more sensible decisions are expected to bring about a change in the dying educational system in India.

The importance of Bill to the students and the Institute:

  • With the new bill being passed, more participation is expected out of the board. Females and students of ST and SC will also have provisions for being included in the Board.
  • The performance of IIMs will no more be a private affair. Independent bodies and agencies will work to check on its function and performance which will thereafter be made public.
  • Annual report of the Institution will be presented before the parliament, CAG, on the other hand, will be auditing the accounts closely.
  • Advisory body will encourage Coordination forum of IIMs.

The HRD minister assured of making IIMs independent of any permission or approval in the near future.

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