IIM Ahmedabad to restore library with the help of TCS’s 20 cr grant

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has partnered with IIM Ahmedabad to restore the Vikram Sarabhai library. This will be done by them using a grant of Rs. 20 crores. This task will be undertaken by the nonprofit arm of TCS, also known as the TCS Foundation.

Ashish Nanda, the director of IIM- A, said, “I am thankful to TCS Foundation for supporting this critical project. The library is the heart of academic endeavors at IIMA and TCS’ contribution will help generations of future leaders and change agents in enterprises and in society. The research environment at IIMA will be significantly strengthened through this contribution, bringing our library on par with some of the best management schools worldwide.”

Vikram Sarabhai library, IIM Ahmedabad
Vikram Sarabhai library on IIM Ahmedabad campus.

The library is located at the Louis Kahn Plaza, IIM- A’s iconic plaza. The aim of this collaboration is to restore and reimagine the library into a knowledge hub which can be very well used in the future for digital learning and collaboration. The library of Vikram Sarabhai at Louis Kahn Plaza is a landmark that leaves everyone speechless. The place is famous for its design and its grandeur. The landmark is very old and now is the time that it should be upgraded and restored. The library has seen many ups and downs, one of them being the Gujarat earthquake. And, this is the reason IIM- A has collaborated with TCS Foundation to renovate the landmark.

While renovating, the main focus will be on digital collections, though white print collections will still be the part of the library. Space will be increased so that it encourages the interaction between the students, academics, and the visitors.

The foundation, known as the TCS Foundation, is very well known for its Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and has always been engaged in the promotion and the funding of the projects. All these are the projects that it takes under the department of CSR. And, this time also, this foundation will support this project and will also provide a funding a project of Rs. 20 crores.

It is expected that the whole task will be completed by the end of the year 2018. After the process is completed, it is expected to be technologically oriented more, and is also expected to include intelligent identification technologies.

Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Financial Officer, TCS, said, “IIMA plays a pivotal role in providing world-class management education for tomorrow’s leaders and TCS Foundation is proud to help in making this landmark library future ready by introducing leading-edge digital learning technologies and flexible collaboration spaces. Once completed, this library will become a benchmark for knowledge management among academic institutions globally.”

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