IGNOU to extend its reach in North-East

Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the most sought after open universities in India. Students prefer this university over others for continuing with distance learning program offered at the centers across the country. The good news is that after having its presence in other cities of India, the university is planning for its expansion and North East is one of those preferred locations.

At present, IGNOU has 272 centers of study in the region and that is most likely to go up to 400 in the next two years as stated by IGNOU Vice Chancellor Ravindra Kumar on Saturday. The new centers will be opened to make it feasible for students to visit the nearest center with no hassle. In this plan of IGNOU, there are 32 educational broadcast channels dedicated to spreading the need of distance education in different parts of India. The University would also add 2000-new study centers across the Country.

Assam and the North Eastern part of India have a huge difference between the rate of literates to the rate of illiterates, owing to the lack of facilities like this. With this move of IGNOU, we can expect a consistency in this percentage with many rural parts being encouraged to continue their half done education through this medium. The residents of the northeast are quite excited about this plan of action.

The central open university also plans to work in alliance with the existing state open universities as the educational needs of the country still need a reformation. IGNOU with its expertise will guide the state universities to enhance the education system. The Regional Directors of the IGNOU have been provided with the directions on how to work in alliance with the State Open Universities. This is going to be a great initiative if goes the way it has been planned for.

The expansion strategy would be conferred to educational radio along with Gyan Vani TV channel and Gyan Darshan. These media will help spread the words in the remotest part of the country. The VC further added, “We have a plan to shift a major component of our academic counselling on the Gyan Darshan and Gyan Vani. The advantage will be that our learners will get quality counselling material in all parts of the country. With eight hours of the live telecast and two cycles of repeat telecasts of eight hours each, we would reach the learners in even the remotest areas of the country, at their convenient time.”

The IGNOU Northeast Coordinators’ Conference was also inaugurated on Saturday.

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