ICSE favours no-detention-policy class VI onward


Following the recommendation of scrapping the no-detention policy put forward by the Maharashtra government, the Central Advisory Board for Education’s recommendation to amend the “no-detention” clause in the Right to Education Act and reintroduce pass-fail system from Class V has struck a chord with the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE)-which operates schools under the banner of ICSE and ISC boards.

If it is a national policy, uniformity has to be maintained. ICSE Board feels there should be a detention system in place. Hence, ICSE board favours detention policy from Class VI.

How the transformation will be executed?

As mentioned by Gerry Arathoon – chief executive and secretary of the council:

  1. Firstly, trial and error process will be implemented in which cumulative assessment system will be put in place from classes 6 to 9.
  2. Secondly, once the Cabinet ratifies the CABE recommendation and Parliament amends the RTE Act 2009, the proposal will be placed before council members for approval. Thereafter the Council will advise all affiliated schools to re-introduce a detention system from Class VI.
  3. Thirdly, teachers should be able to evaluate students instead of the current practice where everyone is promoted up to Class VIII without any detention.

Parity in Education

Indeed it’s a matter of concern, either all states have to agree unanimously or none should go further with it, as this will bring non-uniformity in the education system of the country and hence there will be no parity in the functioning of schools under CISCE. Further, when asked that as per the constitution of the council it does not have any authority over schools except conducting examination and offering affiliation, the secretary said: “To bring parity in the education system, we can always advise.”

All in all a good decision by CISCE for the zero failure system jeopardized the education of our youth. Children today don”t pay attention to academics because they know they will pass. Sometime we wonder what future adults we are breeding!

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