Once a law student, IAS Arun Roy joins NLS Tamil Nadu as VC

Arun Roy, a NLSIU Bangalore graduate of 2002 batch and Tamil Nadu Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer joined Tamil Nadu based National Law School Srirangam as the vice chancellor. Recently NLS became the 15th member of core Common law Admission test (CLAT) committee that was activated after receiving the order from Madras High Court.

He joined the institute after the resignation of previous VC N Murugavel. According to his words, “The real challenge I see is to get quality faculty. My main task right now is to rope in good faculty across the country. Once good faculty is in place, the standard of education will increase. I hope to take the help of my ex-classmates who are active in legal circles who are interested in teaching.”

Arun Roy joins NLS Tamil nadu as VCRoy revealed that he would implement optimistic features for further improvement and thus would visit NLS and NALSAR University Hyderabad. Previously he even worked as assistant collector, sub-collector and as deputy secretary of budget for about three and a half years. So, he gained ample experience in the particular field and now would be able to carry out responsibilities with complete efficiency.

Finally, he returned as joint secretary to finance and performed as managing director of Poompuhar Shipping Corporation. He revealed that it’s a sea change from shipping to a law school but he would manage executing all the activities in the right way.

N Murugavel ended long 3 year term despite having utmost professional experience. Hence, it gave rise to such a complicated situation and thus Arun Roy has been appointed to take hold of particular position. Some executive council members however have not provided ample support and they were not able to accept the national recognition acknowledged by Law School. This happened due to the shortage of time and now everyone is looking for a better future.

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