Hyderabad University student commits suicide, “unable to study well and blend socially”

Another tragic incident of a student committing suicide is in the news. Praveen, a first-year student at the University of Hyderabad, committed suicide on Saturday morning in his hostel room. Praveen Kumar had enrolled himself in the month of July for masters in fine arts at the Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication.

The student was found hanging to the ceiling in his room 204. The Resident Medical Officer was alerted at 4 am in the morning. The Resident Medical Officer, along with other officials rushed the student to the nearby health centre in campus, after that he was taken to the Citizen hospital where the student was declared dead. His body was taken to government-run Osmania General hospital for postmortem.

However, no suicide note has been found. And the reason for committing suicide remains unknown. Apparently, Praveen’s roommate returned to the room in the morning. After knocking the door several times, he informed other and when the latch was opened, they saw Praveen hanging from the ceiling.

Praveen kumar, hyderabad university student suicide
Praveen Kumar, the student who hanged himself yesterday night noted in his diary that he was doing unwell in studies and to mingle socially.

Praveen is from Shadnagar and his father is a public sector employee with BSNL. His brother said that his family had spoken to him just three days ago. He also said, “We have no financial problems. We talked Thursday and he was normal. He did not discuss or tell me anything about what was in his mind.”

Although there was no suicide note, however, the police has been able to get hold of some his notebooks. In those notebooks, Praveen wrote, “Why am I unable to study well? Why am I so scared of everything? Why am I unable to mingle with anyone? When I went to the department today morning, one student came and greeted me but I could not acknowledge properly, why am I like this? I have to study well and do something otherwise, there is no meaning to my life. Why am I always unhappy? Why do I have this feeling that I am a lonely person?”

The university of Hyderabad is the same university where Rohith Vemula, a Dalit Ph.D. student committed suicide this year on January, 17. He blamed the university for persecuting him over his caste. After his suicide, the University is not admitting students from outside.

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