Hyderabad University Row : Students vandalize VC’s Official Residence

Prof Appa Rao, Vice Chancellor of University of Hyderabad, resumed charges amidst what all is going on. He went on a leave when a research scholar Rohith Vemula committed suicide. A section of students had started protesting and also ransacked his official residence which led to a lot of tension in the campus. And, due to that reason he had to leave. But now, he has resumed his duties.

A section of students barged into his residence, raised slogans, smashed the door, broke the window panes and television and other items, and again started protesting as he resumed his duties this week.

hyderabad university row over rohith vemula suicide
Large number of police personnel were deployed to VC’s Official Residence

Prof Podile, who is in the limelight since the suicide, had to leave the University on 24 January as the students were demanding his resignation and were holding protests to seek justice for Rohith Vemula. Rohith was recently awarded (posthumous) with Irom Sharmila scholarship. During the protests, political leaders Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal also visited the Hyderabad Central University (HCU).

A complaint was registered by a group of students against Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Podile and three more people in connection with the suicide. Cyberabad police had registered the case after the students filed complaint against them.

Prof Appa Rao was also supposed to hold a press conference on Tuesday morning but it was cancelled on the pretext of violence. A protesting student said, “Our primary demand is that the VC should not come. We lost Rohith. He is one of the culprits. It is almost over two months since the incident but no action has been taken.” The protesting students also demanded that the VC should be immediately arrested. Police force was sent to provide security near the VC’s lodge tension prevailed on campus.

Among the five students who were suspended, D Prashant, said that the VC had no right to resume the duties and also to conduct a meeting as the case with respect to Rohith’s death was still pending against him. He also said that they are appealing to the police to arrest the VC first as he has not got any interim relief from the High Court on his petition. He also claimed that some of the members of the ABVP vandalized the VC’s residence so that it tarnishes the image of the student community and it puts all the blame on them.

Podile said, “I was having a meeting with some deans and members of the executive committee on how to handle the things in the university. Meanwhile, a group of students came, banged the doors, ransacked the office and resorted to violence of a magnitude which we have never seen in the university.” “This is a black day for the University of Hyderabad,” he added.

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