HRD team meets Pondicherry University officials concerning ongoing protests

Pondicherry University is most prominent university across the nation. Every year thousands of students apply to study in this university. Pondicherry University is in headlines due to an ongoing strike from last 14 days. Students have stood up against Vice Chancellor of Pondicherry University as she was running the varsity with negligence.

Keeping the situation in mind, the Human Resource Department (HRD) has send two of its officials to the university to understand the situation. Vice Chancellor of Pondicherry University, Mrs. Chandra Krishnamurthy is alleged for ‘administration chaos’ and ‘violation of human rights’. Students are demanding removal of Vice Chancellor, they are also demanding improvement of hostel infrastructure and facilities. The protest, which has been going on from 27 July had attracted attention from HRD Ministry, as the BJP unit requested HRD Minister Smriti Irani to intervene in the matter.

On August 6, Amit Sukhla, Director of higher education in Human Resource Department (HRD) ministry accompanied by Joint Secretary of UGC, Mr. KP Singh met with Vice chancellor Mrs. Krishnamurthy and Registrar-in-charge G Panneeerselvam regarding the ongoing situation at the university.

Pondicherry University Student Movement (PUSM) is leading the strike as they are not satisfied with the administration in providing students with comfortable environment to study in. Students put forth their objection to the university officials stating that the fresher students who are from outside the state or belonging to distant places have not been allotted with hostels. Though as per university rules and regulations, the maximum number of three students can share a single room in hostel. However, at this moment four to six students are forced to share a room. This negligent behavior by the university officials has made students unhappy which led them to protest.

The two member official team sent by HRD Ministry after considering various issues has not come to any decision. However, the officials have talked to five student representatives and talked about their demands. The students expressed their grievance against the university authorities especially about the Vice chancellor executing unruly activities.

The panel accompanied by BJP MLA M. Visweswaran met with both the officials of the university as well as with students and had responded to come up with solutions that will benefit both students and the authorities.

The visiting panel was also accompanied by local CPI secretary R Viswanathan and his counterpart R Rajangam and ruling AINRC legislature PML Kalyanasundram. They wanted the Central Government to take necessary steps to bring an end to this revolt so as to ensure the smooth function of the university as the respective university is experiencing disturbances from past 14 days.

Students protesting from July 27 demand the removal of the Vice Chancellor. The officials from HRD ministry have requested the students to call off the strike for the sake of their future, as it is not within their powers to appoint or to remove VC from the post. Students, however, have no intention in calling off the strike until a fair decision has been made by the University.

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