11 Major Observations From New Education Policy Draft

draft of new education policy

The New Education Policy Draft was made public by HRD Ministry few days back. The document which has 43 pages addresses a number of issues. Below are some of the salient features of the draft :

1. Pre-school education : As it has been seen that in the past, this segment has not received the kind of attention that it deserves. Changes have been made now. It has been made sure that children in the age group of 4-5 years will undergo training. Steps have also been taken to make this mandatory across the country. Primary schools and state government will also consider this now.

2. It has also become mandatory for the students to take class tenth board exam. And their school should also be affiliated to the right board.

3. NCERT has been asked to make and suggest changes which are required in the curriculum and focusing on understanding and not the rote learning.

4. For all the students who are studying Maths, Science, and English, a common curriculum will be made to keep on the same level.

5. For all those students, who are economically weak, a national fellowship fund will be created. This will be done so that all their major expenses are covered like that of tuition, materials and also their living expense.

6. To make sure that the child has gained the maximum, an online record will be maintained from the beginning until the end.

7. As the importance of Sanskrit has been very well known at various levels so it will be made sure that Sanskrit is taught to the students at different levels of their education.

8. The selections of the principals and the headmasters will be done on merit and aptitude.

9. A separate body will also be formed to take care of the grievances of the people. A high court judge will take care of this body.

10. Through collaboration with MHRD, the foreign universities will be asked to establish their presence in India. Not only this, Indian campuses will also be allowed to establish their campuses abroad.

11. The goal of raising investment in the education sector to at least 6% of GDP as the priority.

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