HRD Ministry busy with Experiments, Teachers scuffling

prime minister narendra modi with hrd minister smriti irani
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan in 2014

The year 2015 can be penned down as the glorious year in the Education Sector of India. One of the major achievements on the part of Ministry of Human Resource Development is achievement of 100% target completion of construction of separate toilets for boys and girls in schools under Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan – the announcement of which was made by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on August 15, 2014. Not only this but the Ministry also launched a number of other initiatives such as Shaala Darpan, availability of NCERT books on mobile app, e-pathshala, Saransh along with many others.

The year also saw the Government of India’s sincere efforts towards bringing out a New Education Policy to meet the changing dynamics of the population’s requirement with regard to quality education, innovation and research. New Education Policy is being framed after a gap of 23 years. The year will also be remembered because of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore cracking the top 100 in World University ranking as per Times Higher Education ranking for 2015-16 and IIT Delhi also figuring in the top 200 list of QS.

If observed, then during the reign of UPA Government, CBSE launched the CEC System wherein it was found that the teachers were simply working like a clerk. How? Most of the teachers instead of teaching, maximum times were either busy doing the paper work or sitting in front of computers, feeding the data of students as per the parameters laid? Now what were these parameters all about? The teachers were asked to give points to all the students as per the parameters laid.

As per the latest press release:

  1. The HRD ministry is planning to come up with a child tracking system, so as to keep a check on over 200 million children across the nation, about their progress from one class to another and also to identify drop-outs.
  2. Under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) – the programme for achievement of universalisation of elementary education, the monitoring by the UPA Government was done annually but her ministry (Smriti Irani’s) will keep a regular track.
  3. Irani also announced that her ministry is developing an expenditure portal that centralizes various sources of school education data in India. She also mentioned a first of its kind portal for Teacher Education Institutions which will ensure transparency and grading. Transparency! In what sense?
  4. She also announced that the National Assessment Survey (NAS) which was done once in three years by NCERT, will now be done annually. This will be good and will definitely increase the competition level.

The child tracking system has been proposed, but to keep a regular track over the following years, the ministry has no where mentioned what parameters it will adopt? Secondly, are the teachers across the nation prepared for the same along with the students?

This is also a big question whether the newly proposed child tracking system will keep a check on overall development of the child or it is simply the marks scored to qualify for the higher class. Also, if in case the child fails or drops education, what remedial measures are proposed by the Ministry?

Union Minister of HRD also said that the ministry did the midterm review online. This year, they are planning to track SSA daily online as the real time data will help engage productively with states. Considering the same, when we think about the teachers, the schools and the limits of their infrastructure, then the role of the teacher on the regular basis will be to upload the data. Further we all are aware that maximum times the server of these websites remains down due to heavy traffic. Now the thing is, instead of paying heed to the actual job of teaching students enrolled in their esteemed schools, the teachers will wait for their number in the queue to upload the data because after all the infrastructure thus provided to the schools is limited. If in case, they fail to provide the same to the ministry on time, they will have to face the penalties.

It seems, every now and then the ruling governments (whosoever may it be) will keep on coming up with new experiments without keeping a check on the actual results. Henceforth, it can be ruled out that the school going students and their teachers are mere puppets in the hands of the ministry, CBSE, state government and the other state Boards.

Now, here the big question is that after implementation of the CEC System on which millions of public money was spent, did ever the ministry or the CBSE tried to inform the general public (whose money was utilized), teachers (who toiled hard to feed the data) about the outcome of the same?

Its good, that the Ministry is planning to come up with some good plans for the betterment of future (children) of our nation. But at the same time, they should not forget about the teachers and their main job. The condition of the teachers should not be brought to that of a clerk wherein instead of making the future of the students bright, they keep on feeding the ministry’s stomach with the data so that Ministry can show that they are attaining their planned targets. And at the same time, informs the public also about the achievements whose hard earned money is utilized to give effects to the proposals.

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