HRD Ministry levels IITs, IIMs with NAAC, accreditation of all institutes in 10 years on target

Malpractice often happens in those sections which are given exclusive rights over something. It is hardly surprising when instances of corruption and irregularities emerge from there. No wonder why the Ministry of Human Resource Department decided upon accrediting the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) across the country. With this authority now, these institutions would be regarded at par with National Assessment and Accreditation Council’s power. The minister of human resource development (MHRD) Prakash Javadekar made the announcement during a programme at the Indira Group of Institutes, held in Wakad on August 20 (Saturday).

It is said that this move on the part of the present government is mainly to restain the NAAC’s power, especially when several complaints are being made in the name of misuse and malpractice on NAAC’s exclusive authority. The sudden change in the attitude of the government was also surprising given that this government had contrast opinions and differences with educational institutions in the country.

The HRD Minister said, “NAAC is currently issuing accreditation to 1,000 institutions in a year, which means they could take 38 years for all of them. We would like to complete the target in the next 10 years. This decision will work as a support system and ensure transparency in the assessment and accreditation process. We have discussed the matter with the heads of the institutes.” This move is being appreciated by many. A final draft is being framed by the Centre that will comprise of how these institutions are to function.

Dr Arun Nigvekar, founder of NAAC and former chairman of University Grants Commission (UGC) told Mirror, “NAAC’s main function is to give accreditation and assessment to educational institutions and universities after spot inspections. The norms and regulations are designed in keeping with the international norms of UNESCO.” The reason of the failure of NAAC could also be attributed to the increasing number of educational institutes which led to NAAC not finishing its target. Now that accreditation is being planned to many, it will support NAAC on a national level as well.

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