HRD ministry considers funding for IIT-D; Institute planning design department

A meeting was held between Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar and the faculty members of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. The meeting on Friday was held to decide about the future of the institution stretching for more than two hours where issues of funding, student issues and also the current projects were taken into consideration. A student did raise a question related to the funding of IITs.

He said, “The government should not increase the fee of IITs to the extent that it becomes difficult for students to repay their loans. Instead, they should focus on giving more funds to the institutions so that there is no need to compensate it from students. The government should not expand the IITs if there is no fund to run the new institutions, to which the Minister said that he will look into the issue of funding to the institutions.” The ministry is looking into the matter and will soon come up with a solution.

Indian Institute of Delhi is planning to start a new full-fledged course on design. The course has been aimed at increasing the technical and the aesthetic skills of the candidates.The Director of the institute, Prof V Ramgopal Rao said that the proposal is on the verge of getting completed. He also said that soon they will also be visiting the HRD Ministry to seek permission in the matter and also to get approval for the same. The course will be for both the levels, which is Bachelors and Masters. The institution is ready to enroll 300-400 students in their department. As nothing is finalized as of now, talks are going around the whole proposal. It is being said that there might be an entrance test for this course and after the eligibility criteria are set, students can appear for the exam. As of now, only IIT Guwahati has a department on Design, the focus is now on IIT Delhi as well.

A programme by the name of IITPal will soon be launched where students will get training online. The recording for the same is about to start. From now on, the focus will also be given to research.Mr. Rao also talked about some 1,000 start-up companies that are running from IIT hostels and said that most of them are software and IT related.

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