HRD Ministry accepts proposal for new cluster University in Mumbai

Recalling the number of years back would be a tedious task so we can say once upon a time government colleges of academic excellence located in Mumbai namely: the Institute of Science, Elphinstone College, Government Law College and Government BEd College proposed to set a Cluster University in south Mumbai so as to get their lustre back. These colleges are the educational institutions of some of the best laurels India has ever produced. Then, why these colleges have lost their reputation in the sands of time.

Now in the year 2015 the Union ministry of human resource development has accepted and approved the proposal to set up Cluster University in South Mumbai. Moreover, under the 12th five year it has been sanctioned that Rs. 55 crore will be given as grant to bear the financial expenses that will arise out in the process of establishment. Under the aegis and ruling of Institute of Science, the initiative to plan and build an interdisciplinary university under the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) programme is first of its kind in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Once the newly planned Cluster University will begin functioning, the institutes that are presently affiliated to University will break free themselves. An all new Cluster university act will be passed by the state and an all new fresh structure will be planned that will define the working of the university and its affiliated colleges. As per the tentative memorandum, students who will seek admission in these colleges will be given the option to choose the courses as per their choice from the units and they will Graduate as pass-outs of the new university

If the views of the experts are taken into consideration, “Over time, a sort of academic torpor has set in. Due to the shortage of staff, no academic revival took place, funds crisis prevailed, poor leadership and asphyxiated by the Maharashtra government’s apathy, these high-wire institutes have been lost on public memory.”

The Government Law College:

The oldest law school in Asia dating back even prior to the University of Mumbai was established in the year 1855. Since 1860 it has been affiliated with the University of Bombay and is in fact older than the University of Bombay and the Bombay High Court itself. Some of the renowned  legal luminaries such as Dr B R Ambedkar, Lokmanya Tilak, Justice M C Chagla, Nani Palkhivala are to name a few are pass outs of this prestigious college.

Ephinstone College

The oldest college of the city which is till date famous for its Romanesque Transitional style building is Ephinstone College. To kick start the teaching of the English language, the Arts and Literature of Europe citizens of Mumbai collected Rs. 2.2.9 lakh

Royal Institute of Science

It has seen the best day if compared to all other colleges of that time. Founded in 1920 it is the first Indian institute dedicated to pure science and related research. The Institute of Science will act as the lead college or the headquarters of the university.

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