HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar opens suggestions for NEP till August 15

Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar said the new education policy will be implemented soon. He said the agenda of this new policy would be to provide good education and to lay a strong foundation for the future.

Addressing the Lok Sabha, Javadekar invited all the MPs to provide some suggestions to the policy. He said the date has been extended for suggestions, as earlier it was till July 31. Now, the Ministry of HRD will take suggestions till 15th August to improve the existing policy.

“We need your suggestions and I appeal to all to give them. We can extend the date to August 15 because we want this to be a national mission in a way,” he said during addressing the Lok Sabha.

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Javadekar said the new policy took almost a year to prepare. It required consultation with various stakeholders from educational institutions to ministries and requires more suggestions.

Keeping in mind the changing education system and the generation, HRD ministry came to the decision of implementing new education policy. “The last education policy was made in 1986 and implemented in 1992. That’s why there is a need for a good policy that would take the country forward. We have come out with the new draft education policy after discussing across the country and taking consideration every suggestion.”

While during the discussion many questions were raised for the saffronisation and morning prayers by the congress members and left wings. Javadekar denied making any statement on this. Also, he cleared that there is no any point regarding the morning prayers in the draft of education policy.

On the issue of state rights, he said that this policy is made keeping in mind to not take the power of any state. He further responded that the ministry would like to work in harmony and make the education better.

For the improvement in the policy, he said the MPs would receive the points made in the draft education policy and all the suggestions are welcomed with all open arms.

Since the appointment of Mr. Javadekar, it would be the first major initiative done by him. And, especially to reform the education policy would be a key point for the government. There are many sectors of education in the country which is not under consideration or in any good condition which needs speculations. Also, if this policy would provide a positive impact on the society, it would be count as an achievement for newly appointed HRD Minister.

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