HRD Minister Javadekar calls for improvement in facilities of night schools

It is always the base of everything that determines the result of that everything. When the fundamentals are shaken, whatever built upon it would also come crumbling down. This very thought could be applied on school levels, which is why the government has decided to improve the conditions of Zilla Parishad schools and night schools. Post the cabinet reshuffle that placed Prakash Javadekar as the current HRD Minister, this announcement has come across as a relief to these schools where education was not paid attention to. The conditions were such that these schools hardly looked as education centers. There was absence of those necessities that make a school look like one.

The government has claimed to prioritize in improving the conditions of Zilla Parishad schools and night schools, right after Javadekar assumed charge as HRD minister. A recent visit was made by the HRD minister in Gopal Krishna Gokhale Night School at Dadar in Mumbai where the minister also interacted with the students. “Education is essential for upliftment, I sincerely salute the spirit of these poor students, who are pursuing education in night schools after putting in 8-10 hours of hard work during the day,” the minister said.

A general trait is observed where these night schools are given little or no importance compared to the regular ones. The education minister accentuated upon the idea of education being inclusive where everybody is taken in on equal terms. He further pressed upon the importance of these night schools and directed the government to consider the improvement of the conditions of the night schools and Zilla Parishad schools.

The minister also said that the Prime Minister is pushing his cabinet to work more for the Dalits, the underprivileged and the backward classes. “We will study the problems of night schools and will do whatever is possible for them,” Javadekar said. Being a recipient of Zilla Parishad schooling, the HRD minister asserted to be in a position where he understood the problems and challenges these school faced. The minister guaranteed the students and made the teachers confident with his words for asking Maharashtra Education Minister Vinod Tawde to do his best to expand the groundwork and structure in night schools and municipal schools.

In a city that is regarded as the financial capital of the nation and comprises of unprecedented success stories, having a well-developed infrastructure of night schools, where over 15,000 students, aged 15 and above, should not be much of a big task.

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