How to beat Exam Blues as Numerous Entrance Exams approach

Examinations; the word is not only long with 12 characters but also has 12 different types of blues associated with it. As soon as the exam season knocks the door, students as well as parents, start experiencing the stress. This stress overburdens the young minds and thus the focus is diverted from the studies as the student is not able to concentrate. This, in turn, affects the results and the mental health of the examinees. The effects are different for each pupil as each perceives the stress differently.

Even parents admit the fact that the children start behaving strangely with the outbreak of the examination time. While some students show eating disorders, others couldn’t sleep well because of the exam blues. This calls for health problems and mental ailments that are indeed every parent’s nightmare.

A conversation with the leading medical experts concludes that the exams stress has acute powers to disturb the functioning of a child’s mind and this is the very reason that the ability of understanding and reacting to the situation deteriorate in the young pals.

Fighting the examination blues thus become essential. Though the board examinations are over now, the upcoming season is full of entrance exams wherein board students will be participating. Here are some simple ways to keep the exams blue at bay and have a good time waiting for the results hoping that you score the best of your abilities:


We all know that exercise keeps us fit but little do we know that it is of great help to beat the exams blue. The examinations almost destroy the regular routine of the students, waking up to the late night hours and waking up early, the body loses its balance and thus the mind becomes overburdened. A bit of exercise ensures that you maintain a good body equilibrium and thus stay focused.

Attention to the food:

Panic is a by-product of malicious eating. If you are too fond of eating junk food and skip your regular healthy food, you are likely to be the prey of stress. Ensure that you keep up good eating habits and add more fruits and vegetables to your food. This way you get power to deal with the stress and come out successfully.

Have a sound sleep:

You must sleep 7-8 hours daily. This way your mind gets enough time to restore the lost energy. A sound sleep also let your body regain the lost energy and become fresh all over again.

Develop a hobby:

The break after the examination is the perfect time to utilize your talent. You must develop some hobby that interests you and have productive time moving your focus from stressful thoughts of exams and its results.

These tips would certainly help you beat the exam blues. However, be it any circumstances, focusing on your studies and giving your best to prepare for the examinations is the best way to have lesser after stress. If you are assured that you have written the exams well, you will not have unnecessary stress bugging you.

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