How Indian institutions fared in the latest QS rankings 2017

Gone are those days when the experienced people were the sole component, much sought after, to guide a person pursue higher education. Their experience was valued and treaded upon much to the dismay of one’s own wish. Of course, the scarcity of options could not be sidelined but that no one else or rather very few were there to show light to the other path created a chain of ‘where to go’ and ‘what to do’. Today, students are much more clear-headed, thanks to the access to the internet. If one knows what to study further, then your entire focus revolves around where to pursue your dream. Choosing a university only requires your few-hours dedication while scrolling the best universities in terms of ranking.

QS rankingsIndia has been a part of these rankings for a long time. This year too, the QS rankings have rated the Indian Universities based on the world ranking and further divided the spots based on various subjects that these universities offer. Amongst the world university rankings, IIT Delhi has been positioned 172#. The other Indian Institute of Technology have bagged #179 (Bombay), #190 (Bangalore), #264 (Madras), #293 (Kanpur), #308 (Kharagpur) and #431 (Roorkee). The University of Delhi has been placed on the #481 position. MIT’s position remains status quo like in the past five years. Similarly, Harvard and Stanford Universities too have hardly fallen from their previous year ranks.

The position of the Indian Universities has also been categorised by the field or subjects that they offer. In Arts and Humanities, Delhi University has been placed on #210 position while Jawahar Lal University lags far behind with 247th position. In Engineering and Technology degree, IIT Delhi and Bombay have managed to come within the top 100 with the former at 71st and the latter at 78th positions respectively. The rest of the institutes hold #107 (Bangalore), #110 (Madras), #129 (Kanpur), #150 (Kharagpur), #231 (Roorkee) and #332 (Guwahati) ranks in the Technology department. The University of Delhi and Anna University are ranked #395 and #451 respectively. On the other hand, the University of Delhi ranks #451 in Life, Sciences and Medicines and #295 in Social Sciences degrees with the rest of the IITs and JNU far behind Delhi University.

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