How Delhi Government kept students cool this summer

The summer camp initiated by Delhi government ended with great enthusiasm. Students actively participated in this summer camp for all round development of students. Started on 11th may, this event ended on 31st May. Around 45,000 students from more than 500 students took part in the summer camps organized by Delhi government especially for state-run schools.

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia interacting with students at summer camp
Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia interacting with students at summer camp

This summer camp idea of AAP government holds uniqueness as it was organized for the government school students. The motive behind this movement is to improve knowledge of students through fun activities. Students were taught trick of mathematics through games. They were assigned to group activities for social work. Also, a scrapbook named ‘Hamari Dilli’ is to be made in which happenings of Delhi would be mentioned through art that is experienced by the students. It will be scrutinized by Delhi education department and the winning poster will be published by Delhi government tourism department.

These camps worked on three themes- food, water, and waste. The students were being explained these themes through fun activities like games and group activities. It aimed to help students to fill the lacuna among peers and open their minds in all different directions.

Atishi Marlena, the adviser to deputy Chief Minister, said, “We wanted to choose themes according to the need of students. A student should be able to relate these activities with their daily life in Delhi. We kept these camps optional, but most school principals have agreed to the idea and came forward to take up the lead.”

To make successful this event, 1500 teachers were trained for the one day. Also, the help from the two NGOs was taken, Pratham and Saajha, which are specialized in the field of education. These NGOs will give the insights of Delhi which will improve social nature of students. Parents were also welcomed to watch their ward’s activity once in a week, as Saturday is kept as ‘open day’.

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