How AAP is Reforming The Education in Sector in Delhi, New Education Revolution in Delhi by APP

By | June 20, 2018

Education plays vital role in everyone life as well as for our nation development. Unfortunately, it had been neglecting in our country. The Aam Aadmi party has aimed to make the delhi as a fully literate state in India so it planning to bring reverse trend in education. From very few days, the Delhi govt has taken necessary steps to improve the quality of the education. As a primary step, the Delhi Aam Aadmi Party passed an order for the refund of excess fee with in 7 days with 9 percent interest.

Delhi AAP Government Performance in School Education

Due this revolution, the Delhi become an example for every state in India to bring the back education quality. I hope the delhi will definitely become Fully literate state in India by taking the steps commended by AAP party. To revamp the education system in delhi, uncontrollable fee increment is mandatory. The APP is mainly focuses on budget increment, development of infrastructure and School management committee revivement. The Following are the spets that will be going to taken by APP Party in delhi to achieve its aim of making delhi state literate.

How AAP is Reforming The Education in Sector in Delhi

Step 1 : Fee Hike Regulation

Private school in delhi have to build on govt land owning agencies. To hike the education fee above 10 percent, they have permission from government. The Delhi govt allowed only 4 schools out of 410 to hike the fee in the year of 2017. Atishi Marlena, who is the advisor of Delhi state education minister said that no school is allowed to increase the education fee without permission.

Step 2: Budget Increment for education

26% hike in education budget in Kejriwal’s Govt for this year i.e 2018. Earlier it was Rs 14000 corese and now it will be 53000 corese. This increment is highest among all states such as mumbai, Bangalore etc. Compared to the previous Delhi govt, APP govt Education budget is 13% higher.

Step 3: Infrastructure Development

APP mainly focus on Development of infrastructure. Newly, it started the 8000 classrooms, computer labs, cleanliness, playgrounds, CCTV surveillance and etc. Due this well equipped infrastructure, it downs the absents the counts. Students shows interest to come for schools.

Step 4 : Teaching Training

Sisodia said that, the APP government initially focused on infrastructure in first year and teachers training in second year. 102 cores are allocated for training of the teachers in 2016. As apart of training, the govt sent a group (teachers and principles) to the Cambridge university.

Step 5: Guest Teachers Salary Hike

The Guest teacher salaries were increased by 70 to 80 percent in 2017. The trained graduate teacher, PGT and assistant teacher salaries are hiked to Rs. 34000, Rs. 33000 and Rs. 32000 respectively.

And one more thing that, the APP have to concentrate is supplementary education. Govt have to conduct special classes to increase the critical thinking and analysis skills of students which is advantageous for future. The Steps taken by APP is really appreciable and commendable. By putting these rule in to action, our education standards will get back.

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