Homework is missing ‘FUN’, CBSE to Schools

CBSE is trying its best to reduce the pressure on its students. Recently, they have instructed all the schools to make homework, a fun activity for the students. It has been noticed that a lot of work is being done in school. Also, as most of the students spend a maximum of their time in school so to reduce the after school burden on children, the Board has told the schools to make homework fun for them.

The Board has also suggested the schools that the word Homework is replaced with words like that of practice work and self-work. But, this change will not be accepted by all and this will for sure take a lot of time.

The emphasis has been laid on students who are studying in class 6 to 8. Instead of homework, CBSE wants schools to focus on puzzles, drawings, art and craft, cooking and many such things. All these activities will lessen the burden on students and they will perform well in their exams as well as in academics. All these activities tend to make students creative if conducted at this age.

CBSE has told the schools to club these activities with lessons that are taught in class. This will also give students an exposure to the material that they study in school. The Board has put up detailed guidelines in its website which talks about how the activities can be made interesting for the students. And also how they can enhance the level of the students and also their ability to learn and grasp new things.

They have also given examples that will help schools. One of the examples that can be incorporated is related to Mathematics subject. The parents can involve the students in their monthly budget. Similar things can be done by the teachers and the parents for the students.

The manual has 318 pages and it has detailed information on how these activities can be incorporated into the lives of the students.

Previously in the year 2014, CBSE had come up with this initiative where it stressed the importance of ‘creative homework’ to its students. It is believed that such activity will enhance learning skills in the students.

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