Himachal Pradesh Makes Education Free For Disabled Students Up To University Level

education for disabled students

In lieu of the orders issued by the High Court of India recently, the physically challenged students of Himachal Pradesh region will be offered free education ranging from Elementary to University level, inclusive of both the professional and the vocational courses.

The orders were issued by the High Court, after a PIL was submitted Ajay Srivastav, President of Umang Foundation. As per the orders issued by the High Court three state universities were asked to make necessary amendments in their existing rules within a period of six so as to make sure that the disabled children are offered education free of cost.

As of now three universities namely Himachal Pradesh University (Shimla), CSK Agriculture University (Palampur) and DR YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry (Solan) have made changes in their existing rules and regulations and have passed a memorandum that they will follow the instructions of High Court.

Ajay Srivastav was of the view that Himachal is the first Indian state across the nation who has abide to take the first step to provide free education to the disabled persons at the University level. Further he added, “The high Court order has kindled new hopes among the disabled children who would now have access to higher education without any hindrance and cost.”

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Further the High Court has directed the government to enhance the rates of scholarships for disabled students of all classes to Rs 3000 per month. Along with the increase in scholarship rates, such students should be offered necessary teaching faculty, facilities and infrastructure in the special schools located in Dhalli, Shimla and Sunder Nagar.

Keeping in mind the rules laid down in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995, even the court has issued orders to the Government, Universities, State Public Service Commission and Subordinate Services Selection Board to provide the scribe or amanuensis or writers to the students who are blind or any other students who has a difficulty in writing due to some or the other disability.

After the court issued such order Srivastav breathed a sigh of relief as the blind, deaf and physically and mentally disabled in the state would have free education up to University level, including professional and vocational education. Moreover, he was of the view, “I have personally confirmed from the Registrars of all the three Universities about the compliance of the court orders.”

From now onwards the disabled students need to bear huge expenses in paying the Tuition Fees charged by these Universities. The state government is also making necessary amendments in the rules to provide free education to the disabled in the long run.

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