Hillary Clinton promises equal representation to women in her cabinet

hillary clinton promises equal representation to women in her cabinet
Hillary Clinton said that women will form half of her cabinet, if elected President

Aiming to become the first woman president of the US, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has said that if elected to the White House, she would ensure that half of her Cabinet be comprised of women. Hillary Clinton said, “I am going to have a cabinet that looks like America, and 50 per cent of America is women, right?”

During MSNBC’s town hall with the former Secretary of State Monday night, host Rachel Maddow asked Clinton how her Cabinet might look, citing Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who maintained his cabinet at 1:1 men to women following his election in November.

“[Trudeau] promised when he took office that he would have a cabinet that was 50 percent women, and then he did it. He made good on his promise. Would you make that same pledge?” Maddow asked Hillary in the show. To which, she replied, “I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America, and 50 percent of America is women.” Maddow then asked Clinton if that was a ‘yes’, to which Clinton nodded.

Clinton had earlier indicated the same. Earlier this month, she told Cosmopolitan that since “we are a 50-50 country, I would aim for a 50-50 Cabinet”.

Clinton is likely to be the first woman to be nominated as a presidential candidate by a major political party. In her role of First Lady Clinton had maintained that women’s rights are human rights, and presently, she has made women policies a central part of her campaign.

Clinton also said that she would like to really make a big, big push on equal pay for women.

“I’ve devoted a lot of my public life to advocating for women’s rights being human rights, and making the case that we have to do everything we can, through laws, regulations, culture, to change the still-existing stereotypes that hold women back,” Clinton said.

Talking about different pay scales for men and women, she said that it is a problem that gets worse as you get older. “So young women coming right into the workforce often are paid pretty close to equal, if not actually equally. But within a few years there begins to be a disparity. And it’s hard to explain all of the difference because people claim, well, women make different choices and therefore they have a different kind of work life because of those choices but that does not explain all of it,” she added.

A day earlier, Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta expressed to see Indian-American Neera Tanden in Clinton’s Cabinet. Tanden had worked for Clinton for more than 14 years and currently is head of the Center for American Progress (CAP). CAP has made remarkable progress at the national and international level under the leadership of Neera Tanden.

Clinton being elected president would be a historic first for the nation. She could make history again by choosing a female running mate – perhaps even Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

While 75 percent of Americans say women and men make equally good political leaders, women remain underrepresented in ‘virtually all’ elected offices in the nation, a recent Pew study found. President Obama’s cabinet is made up of 25 percent women.

A half men and half women balanced Cabinet would be another historic first for the United States.

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