Prashant Bhushan claims high level irregularities in Dental Council, seeks SC’s intervention

The allegations of corruption seem not to be losing its grip from Dental Council of India (DCI). Even noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan has added his voice to the on-going allegation where he says that a large-scale corruption exists in the functioning of dental regulator DCI. He has demanded that this matter should be handed to Supreme Court-appointed Justice Lodha Committee overseeing work of Medical Council of India. A press conference was held wherein the lawyer, accusing the top hierarchy of the Dental Council, said that various bribes were involved so that permissions could be sought for setting up new colleges and expanding the areas of the existing one. Irregularities in finance were also a part of the accusations.

Dibyendu Mazumdar, the President of DCI, is the main target of Mr. Bhushan amidst the controversy. The renowned lawyer has called the post which he holds as something ‘illegally acquired’. Bhushan alleged, “Dr. Mazumder is a regular professor working full-time in the government of West Bengal Health Services. He misused the first term of his presidentship to get his membership from one university in Jharkhand without following rules and regulations of the Dentists Act. “Besides, DCI has only issued a congratulatory letter and till date, his membership has not been duly notified by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,” he added.

These bogus colleges, according to him, were deliberately created so that the irregularities could not be spotted. Those people who raised their voices against the rampant corruption were being threatened. The reason why seats were being increased was not clear as it was not surely to make any sort of improvement in the infrastructure of these colleges. Bhushan goes on to saying that the CBI caught few people making bribes. All the appointments made illegally were supported as a claim by Dr. Shaji k Joseph. The CBI cases in this connection were demanded to be accelerated and Dental Council was asked to be handed to the Lodha committee.

Mazumdar was asked to step down as he was already a regular professor working full time in West Bengal government health services. Applications by the Union health secretary were being avoided and reminders by them were not being looked into. Only the Union health ministry could notify the memberships and since Majumdar’s membership was not notified, his was considered not as per the rules laid. The members notified by the government could only be considered valid.

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