Here is What You Need To Know about Delhi University’s “best-four policy” for admissions 2015

The students, who are seeking to get admission in the courses of undergraduate, raised the questions regarding the best four policies and doubts in the selection process through the ECA quota and sports quota in Delhi University, as the first day of its counselling session.

Bunches of questions from the students and their parents were replied by the Delhi University’s Dean of the student’s welfare J M Khurana amid the activity, which took place in the conference center ,named varsity, opposite to the department of botany erected in the North Campus.

“It is still not clear what all subjects can be associated in the best four policies and what would be the norms for deduction in term of vocational subject?” a student asked.

DU admissions 2015
Students clearing their doubts in Q&A session about best- four subject policy

Another aspirant needed to know”what would be the system of colleges to compute the aggregate if there any sports quota admission occurs as the fitness test has been unified from this year?” yet another aspirant asked” the trials formalities for extra curriculum activities quota admissions will be taken centralized or if they will be conducted on the off friends online with no apparent reason in the middle and upper ends of a random, own a chance at colleges?”
Colleges?” Khuana clarified the question that the four best policy based on calculation strategies has been simplified and it will include the subjects in which admission is being looked, such as one language, two academic or elective subjects.

Khurana said, “In case that the aspirant is excluding in the best four score the subjects, in which aspirant is looking to get admission for, he or she has to face a deduction of 2.5 percent.” From this year one new policy is going to be introduced that the students who are looking to get admission into in to the courses like B.Com and Economics Honours, they have to choose the mathematics as a mandatory subjects as in class XII. However, it will not be mandatory for the students, who already included in their best- four subjects. It was a sigh of relief for curious students who are looking forward to register for DU admissions 2015.

Likewise, home science, Business studies, Zoology and a accountancy will considered as academic subjects, not at all like earlier, when they were taken in the category of vocational subjects, Khurana said, including that Music Honours and Physical Education Honours won’t be considered as location on but only academic courses. In order to clarify, improve the transparency in the admission system. The University has made each and every policy crystal clear to the aspirants, who are seeking for admission. The Delhi University cut off lists for this year admissions will be out initially on 5th June after the completion of registrations.

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