Haryana Government launched Village Mentoring Project to improve education and health of villagers

Haryana Government takes a good decision that proposes the program for monitoring the lifestyle of the villagers including the health care services as well as education for children. Special emphasis is given for girl child, as they remain away from the mainstream due to some traditions in our society. The campaign aims to increase the awareness among the villagers and even among the parents. This would be helpful to manage a better education system and no children would stay away from schools.

haryana village monitoring project
Village Mentoring Project would look after the education and health in Villages

Get familiar with the Important Features of Village Mentoring Project : Here are the names of the features that are receiving the complete focus during the program conducted by Haryana Government. The points are given below as follows:

Education of girl child
Health matters
Financial aid

All these things are projected by the Government as revealed by the Deputy Commissioner of the Panchkula Vivek Atray. The project got a new start from the Rajjipur village on 20th June Saturday. The project has been in collaboration with the Indian School of Business (ISB) at Mohali and the institute’s faculty and other members would start visiting the villages as a part of the program.

The students of the institute played a theme on the streets that divulged the following issues:

Continuation of girl education

It’s true that if all these features are maintained properly the society can experience the improved outlook. Keeping this in mind the students conducted the counseling session communicating with the villagers. It would help them to understand the necessity of these things providing proper education to their girl child.

According to the words from Atray, “This is a unique initiative wherein ISB would mentor village residents towards adopting a more progressive approach in the upbringing of the girl child. Healthcare related and educational parameters would be the focus of the intervention.” Atray also said that the staffs and students of the institute would carry out the awareness program in the villages for a span of 6 months with an intention to develop the rural society.

Types of Activities

Here follows different activities that would take place in order to spread the awareness in various fields. Consider the points given below:

Health camps
Street plays
Counseling sessions

The programs would even involve the school kids encouraging g them to participate in the activities and the monitoring event. Village Monitoring Project (VMP) comes out as the first big thing where the corporate sector would contribute along with the renowned educational institutes. The project would start phase wise in about 22 districts each consisting of 5 villages.

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