Haryana frames new policy to start moral education in schools

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has showed his devotion towards development of his state. Few days back Mr. Khattar had decided to reduce the issue of malnutrition among children and increase awareness among people about girl child. Now again for the welfare of the society and to educate the young generation of state, the government of Haryana have decided to implement moral education in the schools all across the state.

moral education in haryana schools
Providing moral education in schools will provide a boost in maintaining equality in education system

While addressing students at a school function, Chief Minister has announced to take one step further towards the development of the society. Urging to maintain equality in education system, Mr. Khattar said that educating young generation with social and moral values will help in development of the state. Mr. Khattar has asked all his party workers to ensure the benefit of various welfare policies establishing all the positive approaches.

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Khattar not only mean to educate students morally but also the teachers and parents who are equally responsible for the development of a student. Maturity and ethical capacity of adults will help students develop moral responsibilities towards the society. Educators play a major role in a student’s moral development. The caring and generous attitude of teachers will effectively make a student to grow morally. Hence implementing moral education in schools not only represent the values only applicable to the students but also to the teachers as well as parents.

Attending another function, the Chief Minister of Haryana stated that their party will be giving equal stress on the development of education sector. He mentioned, certainly new schools, colleges and vocational training institute would be opened all across the state especially for students who usually opt to go to other states for higher education. Mr. Khattar declared that many health centers and medical colleges would be opened in each district of Haryana to minimize health risks (Related : Village mentoring project focusing on education and health).

He also laid stress on the loss of state’s power sources. According to him, Haryana Government is considering to reduce the rate of electricity tariff so that common people of the state would not have to face any problems regarding power utilization.

Various brand new policies have been created under supervision of Mr. Khattar ensuring the benefits of people. He has also asked each and every one belonging to the state to actively take part in the development of the state. He ought to create a great and strong society for betterment of the people.

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