Supreme Court: Harish Rawat Wins Trust Vote, Can Take Charge As CM

harish rawat wins trust vote
Supreme Court had ordered floor test in Uttarakhand Assembly which moved in favour of Harish Rawat. Today, Supreme Court said Harish Rawat can take charge as Chief Minister

Congress leaders were seen happy after the floor test concluded yesterday, even celebrations started at the Party office and residences of leaders. Putting an end to the political crisis in Uttarakhand, Supreme Court had ordered floor test in state assembly on May 10 which turned in favour of Congress and deposed Chief Minister Harish Rawat. The result of floor test was submitted to the Supreme Court in a sealed envelope and opened today.

The result was taken up at Supreme Court today which declared that Harish Rawat has proved majority. Few hours ago, Supreme Court was informed that the floor test was peaceful and without any irregularity in the voting pattern. Supreme Court bench led by Justice Dipak Misra said in its verdict that Harish Rawat can take charge as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand as he owns the majority in the house.

As soon as the floor test concluded yesterday, Congress leaders claimed victory while BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi also hinted that BJP could not manage to get the trust vote and lost by 3 votes. Harish Rawat got support of 33 MLAs while BJP got 28 votes, same number of MLAs it has in the assembly. BJP had gained the support of one Congress MLA Rekha Arya, but lost one of its own to Congress. Congress, on the other hand, managed to keep its allies (BSP, UKD and Independent MLAs) and proved its majority.

Centre had imposed President’s rule in the state on March 27 when 9 MLAs of Congress voted against the Money bill, siding along with opposition BJP. Centre had claimed that since Congress government does not enjoy majority in the assembly, it can order President’s rule. However, the decision was challenged by Harish Rawat in High Court, which took Rawat’s side. The High Court’s verdict was challenged in the apex court by Centre, which ordered continuation of Prez rule. Political crisis came to an end when apex court after considering Centre’s view, ordered floor test in Uttarakhand Assembly as a chance for Rawat to prove his majority.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi had, yesterday, hailed the floor test as a ‘victory for democracy’. Soon after the declaration of the floor test results, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said “Hope Modiji learns his lesson, people of this country and institutions built by our founding fathers will not tolerate murder of democracy. They did their worst. We did our best,” adding that Democracy won in Uttarakhand.

While BJP considers that they have won a ‘constitutional victory’ because the appropriation bill was not passed in the assembly and it still has support of nine rebel Congress MLAs.

Uttarakhand is to undergo elections next year, while speculations are that Congress may take up the issue to hold early elections.

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