CM Harish Rawat concerned about high drop-out rates in govt schools in the state

CM Harish rawat

The Uttarakhand state is experiencing a consistent dropout rate of students from the government schools from past few years. Owing to the fact, the Uttarakhand Chief Minister Mr. Harish Rawat expresses his deep concern over the matter. On Friday, Mr. Rawat has advised all the teachers and management of the government schools in the state to take this matter seriously and look into the facts, which has caused the government schools to fall behind the administration of private schools. He has directed all the government schools to build a road map, which would help in increasing the standards of education in government schools.

The state government has already planned to open residential schools in the Uttarakhand state to promote quality education along with affordable one. The project is proposed to be initiated towards this year’s end.

Adding to his speech the Chief Minister of the state pointed out the main flaw in the education system, which has caused in increase in the dropout rates in the government schools. He mentioned that the outcomes of results are not as expected in comparison to the huge proportion of investment made by the state government in the education sector. He said; that the government needs to work on increasing quality of education in the government schools on priority basis.

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While addressing teachers in a programme held at Hindu National Inter College, Mr. Rawat said, “The high drop-out rate in government schools of Uttarakhand should serve as a wakeup call. Dividends in terms of quality of education in our schools are not in proportion to investment made in educational sector. ”

Mr. Harish Rawat further stated that the number of educational institutes and vocational training institutes whether it be schools, colleges, ITI’s or polytechnic institutes, Uttarakhand leads as compare to any other states. Expressing his concern, he mentioned that there are no such policies or agenda of the state to increase the standard of education of the state.

Stressing on the improvement of the education quality he directed all the teachers and educationist to collaborate with the state government to improve the standard of education in government schools and also to look into the factors to avoid students from being leaving schools.

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